Header Variants

Many Styles / Unlimited Combinations

The Koda WordPress Theme comes loaded with several header styles allowing you to build unlimited layouts  and designs for your website. That’s not all! You could change most of the settings on per-page basis as well as generally for the entire website and even combine different styles and achieve unlimited number of design variations.

Main Structure

The Koda header consists of three main content blocks (2 of them optional) forming the entire content and navigation area on top of the page. Additionally, there is an optional pre-header slideshow position available for the standard page type.

The Pre-header widget area is a collapsible panel on top of the content. It works the same way as the footer widget area and could accommodate unlimited number of widgets divided in up-to 4 columns.

The Top-header bar is an optional block which accommodates the secondary page menu, welcome text (with phone and mail options) and the header social links (iconic).

The Main header bar is where the logo and main menu goes. Optionally it could also display search form with auto-suggest feature, a shopping cart module and a wishlist counter.

100% Customizable

Koda gives you the power to customize every aspect of your website header and make it your own, so no other website built with Koda would ever be the same. Feel the freedom of creative thinking with our most powerfull theme ever.

Easily change everything:

  • Add and remove panels on per-page basis
  • Change the menu on per-page basis
  • Change colors and backgrounds
  • Change width and transparency
  • Use overlay style
  • Create Unique combinations

Check Some Possible Combinations

Basic Header

Basic Fullwidth

Basic With Top-Bar

Transparent Header

Transparent Fullwidth

Overlay Standard

Overlay Full No Top-Bar

Transparent Centered Menu Below

Standard - Menu Below

Standard Fullwidth - Off Canvas Menu

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